Advanced Woo Search

Advanced AJAX search plugin for WordPress WooCommerce

Thank you for using this plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to write your question here or to email my. Thanks so much!

First of all you must install this plugin. To do this you must have working version of WordPress. If you dont have installed version, than read the WordPress codex -

Plugin installation can be done withing two ways:

1. Installation via FTP

2. Installing From WordPress Dashboard



This plugin comes packed with super-duper settings page.

Log into your WordPress admin panel and Go to Settings > Advanced Woo Search to enter this page.


On this page you can create instances of search form. Each instance are fully independed and has its own unique id that will be needed you to display search form via shortcode or widget.

When you click 'Edit' button for some of search instances you will see settings page of selected search form.


Here you can see several tabs:


Plugin give you ability to create unlimited number of search form instances.
Each instance are fully independed and has its own unique id that will be need you to display search form via shortcode or widget.

Create new instance or edit/copy/delete existent you can from main settings page.

Every search form instance has large set of setttings. So with help of one plugin you can create unlimited amount of fully different search forms.


For any of search form instance you can create endless number of filters. Filter is a some sort of predefined search settings.

For example you have a e-commerce website were you sell shoes and t-shirts.
You can create one filter to display only search results for shoes and another filter to display search results with t-shirts.

Filters looks like a tab and displayed in the right side of search box.

To create filters you must go to needed search form instance settings page -> Search Results tab.
Here you can see a table with all filters for current form instance.

From beginning you only have 'All' filter predefined. You can create new by pressing 'Add New Filter' button. You also can copy/delete existing one.

Every filter has list of available settings. Press on filter name in table to choose filter to edit. Active flter has black color name.

By drag&drop filters inside the table you can change their order inside search box.

Display search form

There are two way to insert search form into your website.

1. Shortcode

Shortcode for each search form instance you can find at the top of each settings page. Just copy it and paste to the wp editor anywhere where you want.

2. Widget

Plugin comes packed with build-in widget. So you just need to go to Appearance -> Widgets, drag AWS Widget to desired widget area and set title and form id for it.

WPML, WooCommerce Multilingual

Plugin comes packed with WPML, WooCommerce Multilingual support. You don't need any extra actions to enable this features.

Search results will be displayed on that language that is currently active on your site.

WooCommerce Brands plugin

Plugin has additional support for 'WooCommerce Brands plugin'. If you installed and activate this plugin you will see extra option
'Show brands for results' inside settings page.

If this option is turned 'On' every product in search results with brands will display brand logo and name just after product title.

Its may happen that you can faced with some inexplicable problems. For example - you press 'Reindex table' button and nothing happens.

In this case please follow this steps:

If information inside debug.log file says nothing for you than you can write to support about your problem and attache log file.

Q: I use search form inside custom modal window/slider/fixed header and have problem with displaying search results box.

Sometimes you can have problems with position of search results box if you display search box by triggering some custom js code.

To solve this issue you can use special plugin method for this called 'relayout'.
Code for relayouting search results looks like


Place this code just after you trigger js event to show search box.

Q: Is this plugin compatible with latest version of Woocommerce ?

Yep. This plugin is always compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce?

Q: How I can re-index table automatically?

You can, for example, set cron job to re-index table within some time interval.

Place this code to your theme file ( usually it is functions.php ):

add_action( 'wp', 'aws_scheduled_event' );

function aws_scheduled_event() {
    if( ! wp_next_scheduled( 'aws_reindex_table' ) ) {
        wp_schedule_event( time(), 'daily', 'aws_reindex_table' );

'daily' means that table will re-index one time in day. You can also set it to 'hourly' and 'twicedaily'

More about event scheduling in WordPress you can read here

Another way to call re-index method is to set this code


in the place where you want the index table be re-index.