Advanced Woo Search PRO

Advanced AJAX Search Plugin for WooCommerce

Feel the power of AJAX search for WooCommerce.

Try to search this: shoes, gadget, super, apple

Search Everywhere!

Search across all your WooCommerce products.

Search in product title, content, excerpt, categories, tags and sku. Or just in some of them.

Smart Sorting

Search results ordered by the priority of source where they were found.

For example, if one word was found in two different products but in the first it is in the product title and in the second it is situated in the product description than in the search results list first product will be higher because the priority of title is higher.

Custom Filters

Add any number of custom filters to each of your search form.

Use custom filters to seperate search results by category ( ex. shoes, gadgets ), or tags. Or by any other option. Make unique view for each of filter search results list.

Search for Terms

Search not only for certaine products but also and for product tags and categories. If enable they will be shown at the top of search results box.

Other Features

Powerfull Settings Page

Use plugins admin settings page to customize look and feel of search forms.

Search form instances

You can create as many search form instances as you want. Each form will be independed from others and will have there own settings.

Shortcodes and widgets

This plugin supports shortcodes and widgets. This mean that you can place search box anywhere you want.

Product Images

Show product images in the search results. You can also set the source of this images: featured image, gallery, product content, product short description or set default image if there is no other images.


Exclude some of product by its tags and categories from the search.

Free Support and Updates

This plugin is always under development and continues to offer more features with each release. You will always get newest updates and can rely on fast and quality support.




Search in all products

Search across your all WooCommerce products.

Translation Ready

Translation Ready

Results Layouts

Choose between several predefined search results layouts.


Switch between tabs to show different search results.


Unlimited amount of search form instances.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings page with lot of options.

Exclude Products

Exclude spicific products by its categories or tags from search results.

Visibility Options

Choose what catalog visibility must be for product to displayed in search results.

Priority Support

You will benefit of our full support for any issues you have with this plugin.